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E.N.T – Nose Instruments

Nose is a highly sensitive organ of the body and thus requires a lot of attention for its treatment. We offer a precisely designed range of nasal operating instruments that are used in or for conducting nose operations. Available in various specifications and sizes, our nasal operating instruments encompass nose speculum pilchers, Killians nasal speculum, Blakesley Forceps and various suctions. These products are highly acclaimed for their sturdy construction, rugged design, easy operation and optimum performance. Our team of well versed and highly experienced professionals gives it all to keep up with the high evolving medical engineering field and assure our customers the best quality instruments at modest technology.


Nose Speculum Pilchers

We offer stainless steel nose speculum pilchers for our customers in both infant and adult sizes. These are soft on nose and very helpful in rehealing of nasal injuries.

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Killians Nasal Speculum

GESCO India is a leading provider of self retaining killians nasal speculum instrument with blade black finish in stainless steel in size ranges of 1,2,3 and 4. The speculum is gentle on nose and is highly recommended by doctors.

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Blakesley Forceps

We have an extensive range of Blakesley Forceps, which is mainly used by doctors and nurses. These forceps are mostly used in ENT clinics and research centers. Our range of forceps is easy to grip and convenient to use. These medical instruments are tested by our professionals before being offered to the clients.

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We are offering high quality suction machines like Eicken Antrum Suction, Baron's Suction and Frazier's Suction Tube which protects the infection from the patients to the doctors and it is also easy to operate the patients while doing surgery and easily washable. In the Surgery departments, ENT and in OT the suction machines are a must to build up vacuum. It suctions out the saliva or phlegm and removes excessive secretions and keeps the mouth and airway clear for the patient.

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