Product Range


GESCO has produced quality instruments for over five decades, not only for neurosurgery, spine and ENT, but also for other surgical disciplines that are supported by extensive research and development.

The product range is checked and verified internationally and awarded a dual ISO certification in consideration of the brilliant innovative service it serves.

Neurosurgical Instruments

GESCO offers Neurosurgical Instruments solutions developed through extensive R&D and in consultation with the best surgeons. The complete range enlists innovative surgical devices that aid in the treatment and surgery of various cranial, spinal and Orthopaedic conditions.


Spine Surgical Instrument

GESCO is concentrated on delivering complete solutions to the global spine market which enable our customers to deliver cost-effective outputs and provides an easy and efficient surgical procedure to the surgeons.


E.N.T – Instruments

We do provide an extensive array of E.N.T instruments that are used in surgical and healing procedures of ear related problems. The range includes variety of products like ear speculum, hook, billeau ear loop, stapes crocodile forceps and cups, stapes hand instrument, myringtomy instrument and suction.


Orthopaedic Surgical Instrument

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of Orthopaedic surgical instruments used in medical laboratories and Orthopaedic surgeries. Owing to precision engineering and durability, these instruments are high on demand by large number of clients.


General Surgical Instrument

Apart from dedicated medical instruments, GESCO Company also manufactures the generally used surgical instruments like variety of scissors, needle holders and Artery forceps.The products are well accepted in the medical field because of its easy operability and sturdy construction.