Product Range

OEM Instruments

GESCO is dedicated to working with medical device manufacturers and suppliers around the world to develop and manufacture innovative, value added, quality product and solutions

GESCO offers a wide range of surgical instruments used for orthopedic and spinal procedures. Whether you require a modification of an existing instrument or an entirely new design, GESCO can provide exactly what you need at very completive price.

GESCO can also machine components ranging from simple components to complex devices. Core capabilities include implant systems, Spinal, Mono- and Poly-axial,Connectors, Cages, Maxillofacial and Neuro plates and screws and implant insertion instruments.

GESCO’s team of Designers, Scientists , Engineers,and skilled technicians gives you the added advantages by delivering to your specific requirements when you outsource the manufacturing of medical products to us. We design the products after developing operational prototypes thus ensuring that all stages quality is guaranteed. We make all of this possible by our high strength, in-house capabilities, which include:

  • Product concept development
  • Design Prototype
  • Quality Maintenance Documentation
  • Materials selection
  • Testing and validation
  • Production process development
  • Custom tooling
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Heat Treatment & Polishing
  • Private labeling
  • Sterilization
  • Packaging

GESCO houses Multi axis turning Centres, Multi axial Milling machines, EDM , CNC wire cuts, laser markers, Laser Cutting, Forging hammer and Silicon moulding machines and lot more

GESCO has significant experience in working with premium medical grade materials such as Titanium, Stainless Steel, PEEK, and Silicone. Experience gained in medical manufacturing puts GESCO in a position to manufacture for other companies as "Original Equipment Manufacturing" (OEM) of any medical (not restricted to spine) or other field. .GESCO - OEM, Manufacturers of all types of Implants and Surgical Instruments in Titanium or Stainless Steel.


Bone Probes/ AWL

Bone probes are made of stainless steel and handle with soft grip silicon handles. Different type of awl and bone probes are available from straight, curved, taper etc.

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Rod Holder / Rod Gripper

Rod Holders are available for all sizes of rods. Power rod gripper and the Jaws can be customized as per customer requirement and size.

The Rod holder is available in Straight, Pivet tipped, Hinged and Kerrison type Ratcheted. Power clamp and double action rod Gripper is available

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Rod Reducer

Rod Reducer are offered as Threaded Rod reducer , Rigid rod Reducer Ratchet and Rod Compressors. While making spinal implants these rod reducers help in giving the desired spinal curvature with the help of bone anchors.

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Silicon Handle

At GESCO we specialize in manufacturing and supplying the different variants of silicon handles. 3-sided Handle, Mini 4-sided Handle, large long 4-sided Handle, Compact 4-sided Handle, Small round handle, Mini rounded small handle, Large T Handle, Palm Handle, Palm Handle, Small Ball handle, Large Ball with Flat, Both sides flat handle small, Both sides flat handle medium and large. We can make silicon as per customers design and specification.

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We manufacture Parallel distractor and parallel contractor. The unique design of the distractor and contractor is that the it works in Ratchet as well as in screw rod.

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The TLIF and PLIF Instrument consists of a very wide range of preparation instruments like Bone Curette straight, Bone curette Angled, Bone curette left and right, Bone curette Reverse Angled,Bone curette serrated, Bone Ring curette straight, Bone Ring curette left, Bone Ring curette Right, Bone box curette straight, Bone Box curette Left, Bone Box curette Right, Osteotome straight , Osteotome Angled, Impactor straight and curved, TLIF trial block, PLIF Trail Block, Disc space Distracter and nerve root retractors.

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BALL TIP PROBE / Feeler/marker

BALL TIP PROBE / Feeler/marker

GESCO manufactures various types of ball probes in straight Ball tip probe, Curved , and double ended bal tip probes. The Ball tip in the distal end gives the surgeon the desired feel when probing around the pedicle and the nerve root. The pedicle marker candle helps as a marker. The depth marker is used to determine the length of the screw to be used.

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