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Spinal Instruments

GESCO has a broad and diverse range of premium Quality Spinal Instruments which is supported by extensive R&D. General Surgical's spine surgery instruments is driving the development of an end-to-end procedural solution in spine surgery thus filling important clinical needs while delivering clinical and economic value for individuals and health care systems. The company backed by powerful infrastructure and expertise offers the most diverse product selections all of which offer trusted solutions in spine surgery and has emerged as a leader in both traditional and minimally invasive spine surgery. The company has always adapted well to the changes since 1980's so that the health care systems get products that are of recent technology and are thus efficient in operation.

Here are the products offered in this category



The Distractor is precisely designed for the separation of joint surfaces without rupture of their binding ligaments and without displacement. It also allows surgical separation of the two parts of a bone after the bone is transected.

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Caspar Retractor

Caspar Retractors are offered as both single hinge and double hinge retractors suited for transverse and longitudinal retraction. The single honge retractor is offered in three different dimensions 90mm*120mm*120 mm, 85 mm*115 mm and 90 mm*165 mm. Also other selections for the tips are pronged, serrated and blunt with six different size variants in each category.

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Roguers biting forceps manufactured is strong and heavy, used for cutting bone. Also called rongeur. It is manufactured in different varieties to suit different anatomies involved. The material used assure of a long term solution that can be handled easily.

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Nerve Root Retractor

Nerve Root Retractors are used for various surgical procedures ranging from small incision surgeries to complex spinal surgeries. The nerve root retractors are offered in varioues ends like serrated, blunt and shapes like curved, angled, bent and many more to suit use across varied surgical procedures.

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The suctions are manufactured with key hole control to give the instrument the adequate suction power. It is offered in 6 different types which are Adson (straight and curved), Frazier (plain tip and bulbous tip), Rhoton (straight and curved upwards and downwards), Lemperts (straight), Sindou (angled) and Yankauer.

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