•   Cervical artificial discs is a motion preserving system used for patients experiencing cervical degenerative disc disease and other cervical disc condition.
  • C-Fix C-Fix
      C-fix is a cervical interbody anterior cage with an integrated internal screw fixation. It is indented to be used for cervical discectomy and fusion. The integrated design allows for a rigid screw fixation without an additional anterior plate The cage has an ultra-low profile which does not protrude out of anterior surface.
  • Caps Caps
      CAPS is a cervical anterior plating system utilises 2.5mm plates for rigid fixations.
    • Self drilling and self tapping screws
    • 2.5mm rigid plates with simple locking system
    • Simple instrument system
  • Cerlock Cerlock
      The CERLOCK is a low profile anterior cervical plate system with a single step lock.
    • One of the thinnest anterior cervical plates in the market
    • One step Tactile Locking System reduces intra-operative time
    • Anatomically pre-contoured plates reduce the need for contouring during surgery
    • Simple and ergonomic instruments for quick placement
  • Cofs Cofs
      COFS is a Cannulated Odontoid Fixation System Cannulated screw system that is used in the C1-C2 region of the cervical spine to stabilise odontoid fractures and to treat atlantoaxial instability.
    • Odontoid, Dens fixation and C1-C2 transarticular screw fixation
    • Two types of self drilling screws are available –Cannulated fully threaded and Partial threaded screw
    • Wire Guided instrumentation allows correct placement of Implant and instruments
  •   The cranio-vertebral junction (CVJ) is a collective term that refers to the occiput (posterior skull base), atlas, axis and supporting ligaments. It is a transition zone between a mobile cranium & relatively rigid spinal column.
  • DAS Cervical DAS Cervical
      DAS is a cervical expandable corpectomy cage that can be expanded in-situ in a controlled manner.
    • Anchors between adjacent end plates of the vertebral bodies gives good hold
    • A plethora of sizes and heights are available
    • Simple instrumentation that includes a ratchet that enables continuous expansion
    • Simple instrumentation
  • DAS-Ultra DAS-Ultra
      DAS ULTRA is a cervical expandable corpectomy cage integrated with ananatomically contoured plate with a one-step locking feature and an ultra-fast controlled implant expander instrument for quick implantation.
    • Built-in plate eliminates the requirement for additional plating
    • Implant Insertion and ultra-fast expansion with the same instrument reduces the operative time
    • One-step tactile and audible self-locking feature for quick and easy insertion of the screws
  • Ethan Ethan
        ETHAN Cervical is a mesh cage used for corpectomy in the cervical region.
    • Mesh cage with several lengths that can be cut in-situ with ease using the cage cutter
    • One or more vertebral bodies can be substituted
    • Hollow design enables placement of bone graft
    • Simple instrumentation
    • The FUZER is the comfortable choice for patients experiencing degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. The FUZER gathers bone during decompression, bone bed preparation, and implantation. The self-packing of bone into the implant's chamber produces a local auto graft.
      The GAAS – Goel Atlanto-axial Spacer - is a GESCO exclusive patented system used in the C1-C2 Atlanto-axial joint, for basilar invagination, instability of C1-C2 joint and Cranio-vertibral anomalies . GAAS is a revolution in cranio vertebral junction fixation technique.
    • Joint space with posterior C1-C2 fixation using Plate and screw, thereby forming a tension band, which enables good fusion
  •   Laminofix is a system that is used for laminoplasty procedures in the cervical and thoracic regions.
    • Self-threading and self-tapping screws
    • Comprehensive range of plates offers flexibility on the technique of laminoplasty
    • Simple instrumentation for faster implantation