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Ear Suction/Nose Suction



We have a wide range of ENT suction and OTO, Rhino suction. We have different types like Eicken Antrum Suction for FESS and Sinus. Eicken Antrum suction Cannula comes in different types like Bulbous tip short curve, Bulbous tip Long Curve and Plain tip short curve and Long curve. The Baron’s Suction comes in different length and different diameter for Ear and Nose. The Frazier’s Suction Cannula comes in different length and diameter and is also available in colour coded tear Drop suction especially suited for Otology and Rhinology. All the suction can be used for Surgery as well as for outpatients. HOUSE ear suction Cannula is available from 22 gauge to 10 Gauge in Luer lock mount.