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Mr. T. George

Managing Director

The mastermind and visionary who made the GESCO dream a reality. The existence of the company is incomprehensible without the founder, its life force.

Mr. Samuel Williams George


The CEO of the GESCO family who fervently steers this company and leads its people towards a common vision and consensus.

Mr. Oliver Davis George

Director – Natural Remedies

He is responsible for building a research driven company based on Natural Remedies, and striving towards prevention and control of infections.

Mr. Paul George

Director – Manufaturing

Devoted to the core values of the company, he is passionate about innovation, out of box ideas and is well poised to evolve the idea from concept to production.

Mr. Allen Daniel George

VP – Strategy & Business Development

With an M.Eng. Hons in Medical Engineering from the University of Bath, UK, an MBA from CASS Business School, UK, and several years of experience in High Tech Engineering in the UK, Allen has honed his analytical skills to help him make strategic decisions to ensure GESCO’s long-term success. He is one of the few people who has received the prestigious lifetime membership in the International Honour Society, Beta Gamma Sigma.

Mr. Andrew Clement George

VP – Operations

He is an MRes from the University of Manchester and a BS from the University of Pittsburgh. Complementing his expertise with hard work and a vision, he handles operations at GESCO.

Mr. Sudipta Banerjee

VP – Marketing and Sales

A post graduate and research in Business Administration from MIT and an MBA in marketing, he is a combative Sales Head – poised to aspire, motivate, guide and lead teams in cohesion towards the company’s common goal.