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GESCO’s state of the art manufacturing facilities spur our innovative streak. All stages of production from conceptualisation to production take place in-house with modern designing facilities, well-equipped laboratories for prototype testing and manufacturing units powered by computer-controlled numeric technology. We boast of some of the best in medical device manufacturing with:

  • 3 manufacturing plants for Implants, Instruments And Equipment
  • 1 manufacturing plant for Biologics
  • 1 manufacturing plant for Natural Remedies
  • AHU controlled and air-conditioned facilities including machining shop floors
  • 30 multi-axis CNC controlled imported machines in Class 100000
  • In-house lab with laminar flow
  • Class 100000 rooms for assembling and packaging of implants
  • Class 100 and class 10000 rooms with stringent environmental controls

Our commitment to perfection is augmented by a strong quality control culture within our organisation. An exhaustive quality management system enforces rigorous quality checks at several stages of the manufacturing process while a modern microbiology laboratory validates the sterility of all the instruments.

An equal emphasis on raw materials ensures that our implants are made only with imported, high-quality titanium, special grades of stainless steel and high-grade performance polymers while our surgical instruments are made from various grades of tested and certified stainless steel.