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Corporate Social Responsibility

At GESCO we look for ways to Transform Lives Every Day, whether it is the life of a patient, a surgeon, or our employees. As a company we take our vision very seriously, which is why we also want to give back to society and transform the lives of those who are not fortunate.

By reaching out to elders in hospice care in a Trust called Little Drops, and continuing to support them in every possible way is a realisation of human potential. Presently, the Trust is dedicated to providing health care services to over three hundred elderly residents besides free food, lodging and medical care for resident workers. Besides giving infrastructural and service support, we as a team also ensure the emotional care of elders who may have been neglected by their family.

We continuously work in ways to reach out to society. We as a family intend to implement formalised principles and forge partnerships that integrate social responsibility into our business and operations. This is and will remain an on-going journey for GESCO, where we enhance and adapt earlier initiatives and embark on new ones. The conviction to serve people comes from our hearts as a commitment, by which we will always stand by.