GESCO is dedicated to working with medical device manufacturers and suppliers around the world to develop and manufacture innovative, value added, quality product and solutions GESCO offers a wide range of surgical instruments used for orthopedic and spinal procedures. Whether [...]

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GESCO’s Natural Remedies Division was created with the vision of producing innovative, sustainable products like Zitritide, a plant-based, organic antimicrobial fine mist fogging solution, that are essential for a safer and healthier tomorrow. Zitritide disinfects microorganisms suspended in the air [...]

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Established in 2017 as a quality conscious pharmaceutical distributor, GESCO Pharma brings GESCO’s expertise and experience as a reputed medical devices company to the sector. With innovation and emphasis on price-competitiveness that GESCO is renowned for, we supply Soft Gel [...]

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Developed with extensive R&D and in consultation with the best minds in the medical field, GESCO produces innovative, easy to operate and durable surgical instruments of tested and certified stainless steel. The product range that spans across neurosurgery, spine, ENT, [...]

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GESCO delivers high-grade spine and orthopaedic implants developed in close collaboration with the medical fraternity, enabling customers to provide efficient, cost-effective outputs that allow patients to lead more productive lives. Made with imported titanium, special grades of stainless steel and [...]

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